Taconite is a very fine-grained mineral which is extremely difficult to seal against. For bearing arrangements which must operate under very arduous conditions such as those uncounted in mining, labyrinth seals, which can be re-lubricated are recommended as grease will enhance the sealing effect and extend the serviceability of the seals. Hawc bearings have developed different designs of these heavy duty seals which can be designed to fit all types of housings. The axial taconite seal is designed on a labyrinth seal with the labyrinth stages arranged axially, a V-ring seal mounted on the shaft seals against the non -rotating part of the seal, which is inserted in the seal groove and prevents contaminates from entering into the bearing when the seal is lubricated. Grease is entered via a grease fitting into the non-rotating part of the seal. These types of seals can also accommodate misalignment of up to 0.5 degrees.