• Toby Lloyd

Are you using the correct bearing housings?

SD type bearing housings are robust housings that are suitable for tough working conditions they are designed to be used with spherical roller bearings and can either be greased or oil lubricated. The housings enable the roller bearing to achieve maximum service life with less maintenance! Who doesn't love less maintenance......!

SD bearing housings can accommodate bearings with or without adaptor sleeves and our commonly supplied with standard lab seals (labyrinth Seals). If an application requires a more heavy-duty seal, other seals can be used for e.g. taconite seals with a radial configuration or an axial configuration.

SNL/SD type bearing housings shaft sizes range from 115mm to 530mm

Commonly the housing are manufactured from grey cast iron but can be manufactured from spheroidal graphite cast iron.

So remember! Heavy machinery requires heavy duty bearing housings. #HawcBearings

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