• Matt Williams

SKF - The Rolls Royce of the Bearing & Bearing Housing Industry

We love SKF but hey not all of us can afford a Rolls… but if money's no object, then this blog is not for you big spender!

Let’s be straight - their products are at the premium end of the spectrum. When it comes to R&D, technology, sustainability, people, quality - SKF have built a tremendous business.

However, as a public company they do not have the luxury of keeping prices low, as such. Part of the SKF growth strategy will invariably be about increasing prices and extending margins to keep investors happy. This balance of keeping investors happy vs. keeping customers happy is tough - for any business. What it means for you is that your margins are likely to be decreased and if you’re not happy about that - then don’t stay in your supplier comfort zone. There are some tremendous U.K. based businesses out there that can provide British/European made quality products with a service that is more personalised and focused on you and your business. HAWC Bearings supports SKF customers who are price sensitive, frequently quoting customers 50% lower than SKF for SNL replacements without compromising quality. We supply:-

  • All SKF type bearing housings in cast iron, steel and ductile iron

  • Bearings and adapter sleeves

  • Any size bearing housing

  • Any type seal arrangement using our in house design team

  • Quick deliveries on larger housings

  • Quality

If you'd like to learn more, please get in touch with one of our dedicated Sales Engineers at

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