• Toby Lloyd

Why we love the SNL bearing housing range....

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The SNL range was designed for fewer replacements and less maintenance, enabling the full-service life potential of the incorporated bearings.

Personally, It's my favourite choice of plummer block when it comes to versatility. Its robust design and high load capacity means it is suited for all sorts of applications, e.g, Mine ventilators, belt drives and transmissions.

My top 5 features of the SNL range

  1. Standard seal groove sizes throughout the range to accommodate 5 types of seal options.

  2. Strong robust design incorporated within the base of the housing.

  3. Excellent heat dissipation.

  4. Simple mounting.

  5. Shaft sizes from 20mm - 160mm

Lets talk about the different seal options...

All of the SNL plummers blocks regardless of size can accommodate the 5 types of seals. Standard seals include four lip seals, V-ring seals, felt seals, labyrinth seals and heavy duty taconite labyrinth seals. Other standard seals are also available for the range but will require the housing to be modified for the seal to be effective. These include oil seals and heavy duty taconite seals with an axial labyrinth.

So why do YOU love the SNL range....

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