• Matt Williams

Oil free bearings

What are oil free bearings…..?

Oil free bearings are a self-lubricating, maintenance free bearing and are a perfect solution to projects where conventional lubrication practices can not be provided or where conventional lubricants may carbonise. They have been developed for high loads and slow speed applications and can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C (800F) and temperatures as low as -200°C (-400F) depending on which material is used.

Oil free bearings will drastically reduce any cost of maintenance and oil as such systems are not needed. The bearings are loaded with carbon graphite pegs which coat the inner bearing with deposits of carbon particles which will lubricate the bearing for life. The oil free bearings can be used in projects where movement is linear or rotational. The plugs are distributed in a specific pattern to suit the application and may cover up to 25-30% of the sliding area.

Oil free bearings can be used in a wide variety of environments such as chemical, wet, dry and where contamination is a risk.

Typical applications include, but by no means limited to:

· Dust collectors

· Kilns

· Dryers

· Conveyors

· Machine tools

· Textile machinery


Coefficient of friction 0.16

Tensile strength (N/mm²) 750 min

Static load (N/mm²) 100 max

Sliding speed (m/s) 0.3 max



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